4 Cremation Ideas Inspired By Traditions From Around The World

Death is a very personal thing for everyone and this is why there are so many different traditions and ways to grieve for your loved ones. All around the world, there are a variety of burial and cremation processes that are very different than the traditional ones found in the United States. If you're looking for a unique way to honor your loved one, then here are four different cremation traditions that you can follow. Each of these traditions adapts to cremation products and services available in the United States.

Ghana Fantasy Funerals

Instead of a traditional coffin, the land of Ghana has started a popular tradition known as fantasy funerals. The coffins used for these funerals are in the shape of an interest or passion that represents the loved one that has passed. For example, coffins may be made in the shape of a favorite animal or food of the person. When your loved one is cremated, they do not a full-sized coffin to represent this tradition. Instead, you can create the Ghana fantasy coffin in the form a fantasy keepsake.

For example, if the person is a motorcycle lover, you can purchase a keepsake in the shape of a motorcycle engine. Engraved keepsake boxes can also feature images and designed designated to loved ones. This can include superheroes, animals, or a favorite sport like football. Once you receive the keepsake, you can display it to honor your loved one and celebrate things that they loved.

Caviteno Tree Burial

The Philippines has a lot of different funeral traditions and they are typically isolated to specific locations. In the area of Cavite, it is common for remains to get buried in a hollowed tree. When your loved one is cremated, you can complete a similar memorial by choosing cremation tree plants. The cremation remains are infused with real tree seeds and presented to you as a living plant. The celebration of your loved one can last for numerous years as the tree grows and has a piece of your loved one with it. Along with trees, various types of flowers and bushes are available.

Korean Death Beads

In recent years, the cremation of loved ones has led to the expansion and growth of a product known as death beads. These beads are created using highly concentrated ashes and forming them into small gem-like creations. Once created, the beads are ideal for displaying at a home or small memorial area. When deciding on a cremation tradition like this, you have many options to choose from. One of these options is cremation jewelry. The jewelry contains small areas where ashes can be placed. Some cremation companies also have the ability to create decorative crystals using the ashes. The remains are blended with colored crystal to create a one-of-kind design that can be placed on display in your home.

Australian Burial at Sea

Many navies around the world are known for performing burials at sea. This includes countries like Australia. If your loved one enjoyed the water or sea life, then you can perform a burial at sea with their cremated remains. Instead of just tossing the ashes on the water, you can purchase a biodegradable urn made for the water. These urns sink to the bottom of the sea and will naturally dissolve over time. You can purchase a traditional urn shape or a sea-themed design like a seashell or starfish. You can also choose whether to place all of the cremated remains at sea or to save some for a separate keepsake at your home.

After finding inspiration from international locations, you can find a special way to honor your loved one with various cremation services. For more information, contact a company like Ahlgrim & Sons Funeral And Cremation Services LTD.